Questions and Answers

I have a question for my counselor. What do I do?

Come to the counseling center and fill out the "Student Counselor Communications Procedure" form. Your counselor will call you down to discuss your issue.

It's September, I'm a senior, and I just received a senior letter from my counselor. Does this mean there's a problem with my graduation status?

Absolutely not. EVERY senior received a letter in the mail (if you didn't, see your counselor). This letter stated how many credits you have, the number of credits you need to graduate, and what specific classes you need. At the bottom of the letter, one of two statements were checked off. Either you are scheduled for all classes OR you need additional classes to graduate. If the second statement was checked off, please contact your counselor immediately. Otherwise, you are on your way to graduation. JUST MAKE SURE YOU PASS ALL YOUR CLASSES!!!!

I am a senior applying to colleges. What information are you sending with my college applications?

For every application, we will send an official transcript and a school profile. The official transcript will have the student's overall gpa; all the classes they've taken since 9th grade as well as the grade; the student's class rank (for example: 12 out of 338); and their current schedule.

I just got a job! Now I need a work permit. How do I get one?

The main office has work permits. There is a different form for students below age 16 and above age 16. Please make sure to print the correct form! After the form has been filled out by you and your employer, take the form the J.W.E., the central office for Southfield Public Schools. They will let you know what to do from there.