Arts and Communications Academy

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Grades 11-12

This writing course is designed for juniors and seniors who wish to focus on their creative writing skills. Students will be developing the ability to create images, people, and events through the study, discussion, and understanding of the elements and techniques used by published au­thors of various types of literature.

32013/4 DANCE 1
Grades 9-10

This class covers a combination of basic movement techniques: ballet, modern, jazz, and creative dance. Emphasis is on theory and practice alignment, movement isolation, rhythmic awareness and problem solving. Unitard required.

53011-4 ACTING
Grades 9-12

Acting is a survey class designed to introduce students to many acting techniques. Theater games, mime and improvisational skills are studied (utilized). Additionally, students will prepare performances for class and other schools. Field trips to view live theater will be arranged. This course may be repeated for credit.

Grades 9-12

In this course students will gain a rich understanding and a practical appli­cation of the principles of two dimensional and three dimensional art by working hands-on in a variety of media. Each project will be based on a particular style found in art history to guide the students through the various trends and movements that affect our civilization. Different techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture will be explored to provide the students with the necessary skills for self-expression. Lab fee - $10. This course is designed for all students regardless of previous art experiences or abilities.

Grades 9-12

From cartoons to time-lapse photography, animation means action. This course will explore both film and computer animation. Planning and production steps will be covered with students working on individual and group projects. This course will also explore career and work-related opportunities as well as what is currently being done commercially in these areas. Some film costs are possible. Lab fee - $10

Grades 9-10 Prerequisite: Performance Music Class and Instructor Placement

The basic fundamentals of Piano pedagogy will be covered including fingering, dynamic markings, scales, key signatures, and beginning etudes. The exiting student will be able to play all selections from The Older Beginner Piano Course by James Bastien. Theory lessons from Musicianship for the Older Beginner by James Bastien will be covered.

Grades 9-12
Students are introduced to the elements that make TV the post powerful communication medium in the world. The class includes survey and analysis of all elements of TV production. Students will be introduced to and trained on TV production equipment. Television productions demand team work between producers, talent, videographers, editors, and field/studio crews so students will be expected to develop and practice team skills.

Grades 9-12 Prerequisite: TV 1

Students build on knowledge acquired in TV Production 1 to develop, practice and apply skills in team work, video production and programming to create powerful television messages. Students will produce teacher-initi­ated projects and school announcements. Course content includes an intro­duction to television formats, script writing and interviewing, performance of television and news/special project production.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Instructor Approval by Audition
This performance oriented class will utilize the students previous dance studies to create and perform choreography in concerts and various venues. Students will focus on purpose and content; discovering new music, costuming, makeup designs, lighting designs and stage terminology. Unitard required.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Dance 1 with C+ or better and Audition

This class builds on previous studies in ballet, modern, and jazz with advanced technical levels. Emphasis is on complex movement phrases. Studies will also include culture of dance, anatomy, and physiology, nutrition, and weight training. Students will also have research papers, written and practical exams. Unitard required.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Dance Technique with C+ or better and Audition
Taken in conjunction with Dance Company, this class offers the opportunity for students to create complex choreographic studies using motifs based on music, properties, nonliteral and literal thematic materials while discovering the aesthetics of movement. Advanced techniques in ballet, modern, and jazz will be covered. Unitard required.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Acting 1 or Instructor Approval
Students will concentrate on scene work and be required to participate in Academy productions. Time will be devoted to Reader’s Theater with presentations. This class is designed to unify the experience backgrounds at students as a prerequisite for Advanced Acting.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Intermediate Acting and Instructor Approval
The history of Theater will be studied through the process of reading plays from various historical periods. Emphasis will be placed on advanced acting and directing techniques with major student projects in performance.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Instructor Approval
Students will learn the fundamental principles of Music Theory. Including music notation, time signatures, key signatures, intervals, and construction of major, minor, augmented, and diminished chords. In the Music History phase students will survey music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century (including Jazz, Blues, and Gospel). Students will be required to identify characteristics of music from various periods.

Grades 12 Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Intermediate to advanced levels in electronic music. Synthesizer use and application will be covered in detail. MIDI interface between analog instru­ments and digital instruments to the computer will be explored. Students will be familiar with the application of recording software, music publishing software, and effects software. At the end of the year each student will be able to record an original piece of music onto a compact disk and convert the piece to sheet music for publishing.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Beginning Piano and Instructor Approval

Intermediate to Advanced Pedagogical skills will be developed including major and minor scale technique up to five sharps and flats, sight reading skills, practical application of etudes and rehearsal technique. The exiting student will be able to play all selections form The Older Beginner Piano Course - Level 2 by James Bastien. Theory lessons from Musicianship for the Older Beginner-Level 2 by James Bastien will be covered.

57023/4 JAZZ BAND
Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Performance Music Class and Instructor Approval

Jazz Band is a performance oriented class exploring various aspects of the idiom. Compositions be noted jazz artists such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillispie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis will be studied and performed. Genres including Be-Bop, Swing, Fusion, and Straight Ahead will be covered. All instruments will be accepted with an emphasis on brass instruments, alto saxophones, and percussion. Attendance at extra rehears­als and performances is mandatory.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Students will participate in all aspects of producing and performing a children’s theater production. From student director to costumer, props master, set construction to stage managing, students will mount a production and tour selected schools for performances. Second semester will concentrate on One Act plays mounted entirely by students for public presentations.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Students will concentrate on a particular studio discipline (Painting, Digital Imagine, etc.), building on their research and exploration class, through hand on creative problem solving. Aesthetics and critique will play an important role in the students understanding of their work. Students will exhibit their artwork throughout course.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Beginning Art and Instructor Approval

The success of an artist is based on the quality and presentation of their portfolio. This course is designed to prepare students for a variety of presentation formats. Recent trends and technology has broadened the way an artist portfolio is viewed. Students will learn how to create and manage their portfolios for a variety of applications. They will develop presentation skills and understand how to create specific portfolios such as book, slides, video, and multi-media.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Practical Discipline & Development and Portfolio Development

This course is designed for students to peruse a professional level of artistic study. A significant body of work will be developed that will reflect the concentrate area of their choice. A variety of media will be explored to refine artistic skill. The partnership between the Academy and the Detroit Institute of Arts will provide students with an opportunity to experience personal visitations to the museum and participate in various special exhibitions and projects. Artists throughout the community and around the country will exhibit their work and be available for discussion through the visiting artist exhibition and lecture series held in S-L’s Art Gallery. Students will assist in preparation of exhibitions and gain insight into the lives of these working artists.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Practical Discipline & Development and Portfolio Development

An overview of visual art throughout the ages will be presented in preparing the students to take the AP Art History exam. Students will also have the opportunity to refine and complete their portfolios in preparation for college entrance or career interviews.

Grades 11-12 Prerequisite: Animation and Instructor Approval

Building on their practical foundation of how to design and develop animation this class will further explore the possibilities of creating storyboards, linear animation and interactive media. Special projects with industry professionals and working with the music department to record sound with animation. Attention will also be given to producing and preparing work to meet television broadcast quality and specifications.

Grades 11-12

English-Newspaper is a course for students who are seriously interested in newspaper writing and production. The class produces a monthly school newspaper, employing proper journalistic techniques. These techniques include unbiased, accurate news coverage, useful photography and effective graphic design. Units of study include interviewing, photograph composition, feature writing, editorial writing, headline writing and proofreading. As part of the newspaper course work, students will sell advertisements, subscriptions and individual newspapers. A large time commitment after school is required. Only one credit may apply towards meeting the English graduation requirement.

Grades 11-12

Students learn the basic element of accurate, unbiased news reporting and writing. Techniques and styles of hard news, soft news and editorials are taught. News ethics and interviewing techniques are also stressed. Additionally, students learn how to incorporate the basic elements of newsworthiness in the selection of story topics. Students closely examine the news gathering process and how to properly locate sources for information.

Grades 10-12 Prerequisite: Television 1 & 2

Unlock the potential of state-of-the-art digital equipment! This class is for students who currently are enrolled, or have taken, at least on class in the video production curriculum, who have been accepted into the Arts & Communications Academy, or intend to declare television production as a Communications Academy major. Students in this class will benefit from extra time to work on or complete projects from other video productions classes, or experiment with new graphics and special effects in a supervised application of hands-on video production skills with Cannon XL-1 digital cameras and Avid editors. This class is repeatable.

Grades 10-12 Prerequisite: Television 1 & 2, audition

Learn lighting, set construction, studio camera, switcher, graphics and multi-track audio techniques for television studio productions. This class is for students who currently are enrolled, or have taken, at least one class in the video production curriculum, who have been accepted into the Arts & Communications Academy, or intend to declare television production as a Communications Academy major. Students in this class will crew for studio productions involving community members and/or district staff who are taping projects for air on EDTV (the Southfield Public Schools educational cable channel) as well as other student projects. This class is repeatable.