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Southfield-Lathrup hosts the Arts and Communications Academy and the Medical and Natural Sciences Academy. These academies provide an academic enrichment opportunity operating as a school-within-a school in which courses are organized around a professional career theme. This personal­ized environment enables students to achieve a depth of experience and knowledge.

We provide students in the 11th and 12th grades with a personalized educational opportunity to explore their interests in a professional field or career.

The education of a small group of Academy students is supported by a team of teachers working to­gether to align and integrate curriculum -- linking the rigorous aca­demic content with applications beyond school.

Academy students will be required to complete either a scholarly study or professional level performance in their field of interest.

In addition to the college preparatory curriculum, students learn pro­fessional skills, business etiquette, and teamwork. Networking through the work experiences will assure students with a place to start in their quest to build satisfying career options.

The Academies provide students with work experiences in the career fields of Arts and Communications and Medical and Natural Sciences., The Academies prepare students to pursue both higher education and career preparation. Students will be provided with the opportunity to apply for paid internships or summer enrichment pro­grams during the summer between their 11th and 12th grade years. Students will be required to meet qualifications to participate in a field.

Academy students apply in the 10th grade to prepare for 11th and 12th grade enrollment. Students may obtain an application form from their counselors. Applications for the Arts and Communications Academy will include an audition in one or more of the Academy Strands, based on student preparation in that field.