Dear Parents and Friends!   


We are very proud to introduce to you our school's very popular food cooperative - Market Day! Our Market Day fundraising program is a great way for you to contribute fundraising dollars to our school, while providing you with outstanding quality food, value and service.


What is Market Day?

Market Day is a unique and monthly, PTO sponsored fundraiser that combines the fun of an old-fashioned food market along with school fundraising.


Each month Market Day offers you the same high quality foods available to fine restaurants and hotels. You will recognize many nationally known suppliers who have developed products and packaging exclusively for Market Day. All gourmet steaks are cut from the finest USDA Choice Midwest Beef and are naturally aged for tenderness. Market Day's seafood and poultry items also have rigid specifications, which meet or exceed USDA Standards for quality. Other items available each month include: Entrees, Side Dishes, Sweets, Pizza, Fun Foods, Frozen Vegetables and much more.


The best part about Market Day is that everybody wins! You receive outstanding quality products at a VALUE, while a portion of what you pay goes directly to our school's many worthwhile fundraising goals.


How can I participate in Market Day?

Each month a Market Day Order sheet will be sent home with your student. Simply complete the "Important Information" box which includes your name, address and most importantly, your phone number. Your phone number serves as a processing number for Market Day computers. On the line in front of each item, write the number of boxes you wish to order. Then total the number of boxes you have selected on the entire sheet and enter this total at the top of your order sheet. Please don't forget to mark down the Pickup-up Date and Time on your home calendar.


To return the order sheet to school you may send it back with your student, mail it or drop it off at the school office. You can also visit and order online. Just type in your zip code, and choose McIntyre Action Club, then create an account! EASY!! Watch the DUE DATE under the Ordering Information section so you won't miss the cut-off date for ordering.


We hope to see you each month at our Market Day sales. We are sure that once you try the quality and convenience of Market Day, you will be back for more. We look forward to seeing you!


Market Day Pick-up:                                                      Wednesday, December 4th

                                                                                           Wednesday, January 15th

                                                                                           Wednesday, February 12th

                                                                                           Wednesday, March 12th

                                                                                           Wednesday, April 16th

                                                                                           Wednesday, May 14th

                                                                                           Wednesday, June 4th