We, at Brace-Lederle K-8, in partnership with our community, are committed to inspiring our students in a safe, nurturing, learning environment to become lifelong learners. We will promote academic, social, and personal growth so that our students will be successful, responsible citizens in a global, technological society.


Vision Statement

At Brace-Lederle, we believe all children can and will learn in a variety of ways and at different times. We ensure that all students have equal access to a quality and challenging curriculum. In our efforts to yield high achievement, we encourage family support and involvement. Through collaboration and communication, we instill values to promote learning as a lifelong process.

As we strive to achieve our mission of ensuring that all students have equal access to a quality and challenging curriculum, we regularly seek out professional development opportunities. We communicate with parents on a consistent basis and collaborate with peers between and among grade levels and with support staff. We use these opportunities to plan best practice methods for more effective instruction.

We are genuinely interested in the lives of our students. Our interest is demonstrated as we provide opportunities to educate them on ways to problem solve, peer mediate and learn conflict resolution strategies. We know these are lifelong skills that will enable our students to continue to be successful, responsible citizens in a global technological society.

We believe...

Our students can and will be successful. We respect all of our students. We set high expectations for student achievement and conduct. We welcome and challenge all students, regardless of socio-economic level, racial, religious, ethnic or cultural background.

Every student should feel welcomed, accepted and challenged. We will remedy, identify and provide any required intervention for students in need of additional support or direction. We endorse common-district and state-wide standards and practices for Southfield Public Schools that promote equity and uniform processes in our school.

That our parents are valued partners and customers. By working, in partnership with parents, we can promote students’ growth and achievement. We will tell the story of Southfield Public Schools and will communicate our plans and vision for the district to all stockholders. We believe this practice will promote a positive perception of our district.

In prudent and equitable use of available resources. Procedures and practices will be established to ensure fiscal accountability and responsibility. We acknowledge the professionalism of our staff and entrust them to espouse and implement our vision.

In order to advance the vision of equity, excellence and high expectations, we will promote these tenets through our policies and practices.