Music Teacher: Ms. LeBaron

Hi, my name is Emily LeBaron. I have a Vocal Music Education degree (BMEV) from EMU. I have been teaching since 2002 and have been a Southfield music teacher since 2003. I believe music offers something to everyone and is an effective communication tool when teaching across languages and un-named emotion.




In music class, students will:

  • Sing and Play
  • Dance and Move
  • Create, Listen, and Evaluate
  • Play Instruments
  • Read and notate music
  • Perform
  • Explore the relationships between music and other arts, cultures,and subjects

Fun stuff in the music room:

In addition to wonderful technology like the ELMO and SMART board we have oh so many instruments. We have...

  • Keyboards 
  • A set of Tone Chimes
  • Many drums, including some from the Middle East, South America, and Africa
  • Many Orff instruments (xylophones and other mallet instruments)
  • Several textbook series
  • Large variety of percussion instruments
  • Boom Wackers (new!!)

Hi all, we've started the monthly singing contests again this year. Up first for December is the song Jingle Bells. Each class made a recording singing the song. They had two tries and kept the better recording of their choice. Each grade has a winner and will get a magnet to have in their class this year. There is a building winner too which gets the gold star for the month then must defend it the next month to keep it.

Winners for December

K: Winston

1: Downs

2: Gates

3: Becker

4: Zackrie      BUILDING WINNER!!!        Jingle Bells Recording

5: Miller

The Winter Sing-a-Long is Friday the 23rd of December starting at 1:30 pm in the gym.

Here are some helpful study aids.

12 Days of Vandenberg Music        12 Days of Vandenberg Lyrics

The Little Snowflake Music              The Little Snowflake Lyrics

The Snowman Music                         The Snowman Lyrics

O Tannenbaum Music            O Tannenbaum Lyrics   

 German Lyrics   German Pronunciation    Sung in German

Jingle Bells Music                    Jingle Bells Lyrics

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Music                     Rudolph Lyrics

Deck the Hall Music                   Deck the Hall Lyrics

La Fiesta...Tuesday Group Choir              La Fiesta...Friday Group Choir

Dale, dale, dale                      Dale Lyrics

We Wish You a Merry Christmas Music               We Wish Lyrics

Feliz Navidad                              Feliz Navidad Lyrics

7 + My Dreidel Music                           7 + Dreidel Lyrics

Light the Kinara Music                     Light the Kinara Lyrics

One Candle...High Part           One Candle...Low Part          One Candle Lyrics

December Nights, December Lights Music                 December Lyrics

I am a Promise Music                        I am a Promise Lyrics