What is the URL to access Parent Connect?


What are the features of Parent Connect?

  • Assignments: If the teacher has posted any assignments, you can view them.
  • Attendance: You can view the days your student has been absent.
  • Cafeteria: You view your student's lunch account balance.
  • Contacts: You can verify that we have the correct information for your student's primary and emergency contacts.
  • Course Requests: You can view what courses your student has requested for the next school year.
  • Demographics: You can verify that we have all the correct information for your student.
  • Graduation Requirements: You can view whether your student has met all their graduation requirements, and where they are short credits.
  • Marks: You can view your student's report card marks.
  • News: Both Teacher and School news in a calendar format.
  • Schedule: You can view your student's schedule and even e-mail their teacher by clicking on the teacher's name.
  • Transcript: You can view your student's unofficial transcript.

When will Parent Connect be available?

Parent Connect was rolled out in the 2008-09 school year: Contact your school for more information. Each parent / guardian will get their own PIN number and password. You may have a separate PIN # and password for EACH student.

How will I get my PIN number?

Each school will be distributing the account access at a parent meeting or building event.

Can I change my PIN number?

The PIN number will be a randomly generated password which you can change after you log in for the first time.

What if I have a problem logging in?

Please contact your student's school. The District Office is not authorized to give out PIN numbers and passwords to parents. If you did not receive your account access, the school can print you a new one if you show proper ID. Please check the Southfield Schools web site for a list of schools and phone numbers.

Check your PIN number and password carefully. Don't confuse a lowercase "L" with a "one", or the letter "O" with a "zero".

What is Student Connect?

It's very similar to Parent Connect. Your student can log in and see all the information that you can. In addition, high school students will be able to enter their own course requests for next year.

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