Dual Enrollment

SPS Dual Enrollment Program


Program Overview
The purpose of this program is to supplement and enrich your educational experience by allowing your student to pursue coursework which otherwise would not be available during his or her high school career. Students enrolled in the district Dual Enrollment program are expected expected to complete all high school graduation requirements, as outlined by the Michigan Merrit Curriculum (MMC) and Southfield Schools Board of Education. Students admitted to this program are granted full college / university privileges, including use of library and recreational facilities. 

How Does it Work?
Instead of a 1-7 class schedule,  students will take classes at their high school from hours 1-6, with their 7th hour class being their Dual Enrollment class. 

Course Limitations
Students are permitted to take academic courses that are eligible for tuition support from the State of Michigan Department of Education. However, courses that are a hobby, craft, recreational or a course that is in the areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religous education, are not eligible for tuition support.

Winter 2016 Dual Enrollment Application
Wayne State University Winter Semester 2016 Application
Oakland Community College Winter Semester 2016 Application
University of Michigan-Dearborn Winter Semester 2016 Application

District Dual Enrollment Contact:
Ms. Alma Deane